agosto 30, 2023

Understanding the rules and conditions of Advancebet on 1xBet

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Advancebet is a unique feature offered by the popular online betting platform‚ 1xBet.​ It allows users to place bets even when they have insufficient funds in their account balance.​ Advancebet can be considered as a credit line provided by 1xBet to its users‚ enabling them to continue betting even when their account balance is empty.​

How does Advancebet work?​

When a user has unsettled bets in their account‚ 1xBet considers these bets as potential winnings.​ Based on the potential outcome of these unsettled bets‚ the user is given the option to place additional bets using Advancebet.​

The Advancebet feature calculates the potential winnings from unsettled bets and credits the user with a certain amount that they can use to place new bets.​ This allows users to continue betting without needing to deposit additional funds into their account.​

Rules and conditions of Advancebet

1.​ Advancebet is available only to registered users on 1xBet.​

2.​ To be eligible for Advancebet‚ a user must have at least one unsettled bet on their account.​

3.​ The amount of Advancebet is calculated based on the potential winnings of the unsettled bets available in the user’s account.​

4. Advancebet can only be used for placing live bets or bets on events that will occur within the next 48 hours.​

5.​ If a user wins a bet that was placed using Advancebet‚ the winnings are credited back to the user’s account balance. The Advancebet amount used for that bet is deducted from the winnings.​

6.​ Advancebet cannot be partially used.​ The full Advancebet amount must be used for placing a bet.​

7. If the user loses the bet placed with Advancebet‚ the Advancebet amount is considered as settled and no further action is required.​

8.​ Advancebet cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or bonuses.​

9.​ Users cannot withdraw the Advancebet amount without settling the bets placed with it.​

Advancebet is a unique and beneficial feature offered by 1xBet that allows users to place bets even when they have insufficient funds in their account.​ By understanding the rules and conditions of Advancebet‚ users can take full advantage of this feature and continue betting without any interruptions.​ It is important for users to remember that Advancebet should be used responsibly and within their means.​ Overall‚ Advancebet enhances the betting experience on 1xBet and provides users with more flexibility and opportunities to win.​